World Christian University


Honoris Causa

The title of Doctor Honoris Causa, conferred by World Christian University, is one of the most prestigious honors in the academic and professional world. Originating from the Latin university tradition, where “Honoris Causa” means “for the sake of honor,” this title is awarded to individuals who, although they have not formally completed the conventional higher education cycles in the area in which they are recognized, have demonstrated extraordinary contributions and excellence.

Historically, the meaning of this title has expanded from purely academic recognition to include significant contributions to society at large, encompassing innovations, leadership, social advancements, and philanthropic efforts. Aligned with its Christian values and ethical commitments, World Christian University chooses to bestow this title on individuals who not only have achieved prominence in their fields of activity but also reflect the ideals of service, integrity, and compassion.

Recipients of the Doctor Honoris Causa from this institution often have notable and diverse profiles, including religious leaders who have contributed to peace and inter-religious understanding, philanthropists whose work has alleviated human suffering, academics who have paved new paths of knowledge, and public figures who have used their visibility to promote justice and equity. The recognition extends beyond their professional achievements to also embrace their inspiring and transformative impact on the global community.

Granting the title of Doctor Honoris Causa is, therefore, a way for World Christian University to affirm its mission of spiritual and moral leadership, encouraging continual contributions to the improvement of the human condition. It is a call for the honorees to continue being living examples of the values that the university upholds and promotes, inspiring future generations to follow a path of excellence and altruism.

List of personalities awarded the title of Doctor Honoris Causa

1.     Rainy Workman Afonso de Menezes

Business consultant in competitive intelligence and strategy. Business Administrator. He holds a Master’s degree in Economic Planning and a PhD in Economic Sciences from the Sorbonne University.

2.     Daniel Roberto Pinto Krischke

Education/Certification: Financial Specialist – American Academy of Financial Management . MBA in Business Management – FGV Management. MBA in People Management – FGV Management. Graduate in Business Administration PUC-RS.  Professional Experience Business Consultant. Director of Executive Training Companies in Partnerships with: FGV, Univ. Cândido Mendes and Univ. Gama Filho. Director of Administration of Hospital Porto Alegre. Director of Software Company – Consist Ltda Audit Manager – Gus, Livonius |Eng. Ltda.

3.     Renato da Costa Moutinho

Graduated in Institutional Communication, Public Relations and Journalism. Currently as CEO of the ABCCEL Institute, manager of the “QualificaDF Móvel” project. Secretary-General at the Brazilian Association of Community Diffusion in the Federal District (Abraço/DF).

4.     Evandro Lepletier

Master in Agribusiness (UnB), MBA in Business Management, MBA in Marketing Management, Specialist in Consulting and Organizational Diagnosis. Specialist in HR Administration in Public Organizations, Specialist in Teaching in Administration, Policy and Strategy by ADESG, Bachelor in Administration, Leadership & Customer Loyalty (Disney Institute), Master Commander in Total Quality Administration (Latin American Quality Institute, 2017), Commander of the Excellence and Quality Brazil Award (Braslider, 2017). Member of the Examining Board of the National Quality Award (FNQ, 2013), Project Director of Promaximo® Academy and Chairman of Proex Venture®. Former Counselor of CRA-DF and former president of the Foreign Trade Committee of AMCHAM, Senior Consultant of UNDP, OEI and Sebrae, author of the book Beef Sheep Farming at RIDE-DF (New Technical Editions), author of the book Gestão do Teletrabalho (home office) no Brasil (Ed. Fácil), author of Government Entrepreneurship for UAB-MEC, producer of several institutional didactic materials for Faculdade Unyleya,  coordinator and professor of post-graduate studies in the areas of management and business at Faculdade Unyleya.

5.     Claudio José Tomanini

MBA Professor at Fundação Getulio Vargas. Specialized in Sales Management and Business Strategies. He holds a postgraduate degree in Marketing from ESPM, also completed an extension course in Update Marketing at the Wharton School and is currently a master’s student in Neuromarketing at Florida State University (FSU), USA. With more than 35 years of experience, his career has evolved from salesman to Marketing and Sales Director, standing out for his lectures that have inspired more than 1,000,000 people and graduated more than 45,000 students.

6.     Lincoln Brasil Silva Rosa

Ph.D. in Computer Science and Master in Business Administration from the University of Cambridge (UK), Master in Universal Religious Philosopher and Ministry from Universal Life Church (USA), Specialist in IT Management and Information Technology from Fundação Getúlio Vargas (São Paulo), Master in Information Systems from the National Institute for Space Research (São José dos Campos). Founder and director of a private Blockchain company with post-quantum cryptography. More than 30 years of experience in companies such as IBM, EDS, AGF and Telesp Celular, among others. Professor and Advisor of the Professional Master’s Degree at the Institute of Technological Research of São Paulo, among others. Member of the United Nations (UNDP). Currently a Postdoctoral Fellow in Quantum Algorithms at MIT (USA).

7.     Udenir de Oliveira Silva

Business Administrator. Specializations in Entrepreneurial Business Management, Quality Management, Mediation and Arbitration and Judicial Expertise. Regional Councilor in the Regional Board of Directors of the DF CRA-DF. President of CRA-DF in the 2017/2020 quadrennium. Executive at Serasa Experian where I worked from 1995 to 2014. Leader in national projects with political and technical performance.

8.     Cláudia Pereira Bitencourt

Pedagogue – School Administrator, Clinical Psychoanalyst. Post-Graduation in Strategic Communication Management and Clinical Psychoanalysis. Academic at ABRASCI – Brazilian Academy of Sciences, Arts, History and Literature. Doctor Honoris Causa in Education from UNISCECAP, Professional Merit in Clinical Psychoanalysis in the Dama Comendadora Degree. Educational Consultant.