World Christian University

The World Christian University Innovation Park (WCIP) was  created in  2022 as  a non-profit WCU Unit of general interest, to promote the transfer of knowledge of scientific research to the productive system and to facilitate and  support the development of innovative business activities of high scientific and technical content.  Its maintainer is the WCU.

Aiming at breadth and agility in wcip actions, the Park is located in the Metaverse environment and its actions of teaching and support to companies are all online.

This innovation ecosystem has two different but complementary areas:

  • Scientific and academic area

WCIP receives and supports WCU lectures, courses and seminars providing a space rich in exchanges of experiences for researchers, students and entrepreneurs.

  • Business area

It is the ideal environment for the generation, development and consolidation of innovative companies of scientific and technological base, as well as for the location of technical-scientific companies, based on knowledge and innovation and already consolidated in the market.  WCIP provides a basic structure for companies composed of continuing education services involving a portfolio of more than 300 soft skills courses, hard skills in the areas of Business and Education and Telemedicine for companies and employees according to the following plans below: