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Pursuing your degree is a significant investment — both of your time and your finances. Whether you’re an undergraduate, graduate, international student or online bachelor’s student, know that it’s also a valuable investment. And remember: The costs associated with your education are only half the story; scholarships, grants and other types of aid can play a significant role in making your education more affordable.

Investing in a World Christian University includes tuition, room and board (housing and a meal plan), books and miscellaneous fees or expenses. All students under 20 years old, not living at home, are required to live in on-campus housing and have a meal plan. Explore the costs for the upcoming school year and current school year (2020-21), as well as scholarship and aid options that will help you finance your education.

Pursuing your graduate studies takes time and sacrifice, but ultimately it’s an investment into fulfilling your academic and vocational goals. Review the tuition and cost details for your specific school or program of study, and be sure to familiarize yourself with the financial aid opportunities available specifically for graduate students.

As an international student, you play a vital role in elevating the richness of the World Christian University community. While the cost to attend World Christian University is the same for all students based on academic level or program type, we want to make sure you’re aware of the specific costs and fees associated with applying or enrolling.


Understand Financial Aid

World Christian University is committed to making a Christ-centered education affordable for you and your family. Financial aid ultimately helps lower your cost of attendance. Use the tools below to get a better sense of what’s available to you.

Financial Aid Counseling

Have questions about the process? Call us or come by our office for a drop-in appointment with a knowledgeable financial aid counselor — they can help.

Contact Us

The Office of Financial Aid is here to answer questions you have about the financial aid process. Contact us in person, by phone or email.